Tobias Wothge Network and cybersecurity enthusiast

Welcome to my website!

This is the first post on my newly designed personal website. My website now features a new theme and is completely written in English to reach a broader audience. Although, please be patient with me as English is not my mother tongue! I will try my very best to write as clearly and fluently as possible, but I cannot give any guarantees. However, I hope that by writing my website in another language, I will further improve my English. Let’s see how well this will turn out for upcoming content on this site…

New site generator

I recreated my whole website using the Jekyll static site generator instead of WordPress. It allows me to speed up page loads because pages need not be generated each time they are accessed anymore but only when I change the content in any of them. And a handy extra perk: All of this can be done offline! I only need to upload the generated files onto my webserver. Thus, the server now only delivers the generated pages to browsers. Although this limits the dynamic capabilities of websites, I do not need them for mine and therefore decided against WordPress. For example, implementing a guest book is not possible without integrating some external service for this purpose but that’s okay. Furthermore, I do not have to keep WordPress up-to-date anymore to prevent security incidents on my site. Thus, accidentally breaking my website because of software updates can now be called history.

Future content on this website

At the moment I do not have a clear picture of what I exactly want to do with this website and what can be expected from it. Primarily, it shall serve as a personal site informing about me as a person like it’s already done on the About page. However, I do not want to limit myself to only one page where I can write about myself. By having a blog-style website, I can present myself using various posts (e.g., by showcasing special points in the time of my life) but am also able to write about anything that interests me and that I want to share with the world. Therefore, be excited about the upcoming content but do not expect too much. I am a simple computer scientist with a hang on computer networks and cybersecurity that also wants to write about it a little.


If you came that far, it is likely that my writing style and English weren’t too bad and that you might be interested in reading more from me which I appreciate. Or you are called my (grand)parents and read anything written by me regardless of how good it is…

Anyways, thanks for reading and see you in the next post!


In case you wonder what the title image has to do with this post: I use the Lagrange theme for this website. This image is also the title image of the first post of that theme. If you want, you can verify this by having a look here.